As seasoned road warriors, we frequently travel to visit customers and demonstrate our web based products.

We were excited after purchasing our iPads, to see that Apple offers a cable to connect your iPad (and iPhone 4) to an external VGA monitor port.

Wow!   We can do our presentations (with Keynote), and demonstrate and not have to lug around a laptop!

We happily purchased the cable, then plugged it into the projector.   Keynote worked great.  We successfully transferred PowerPoint presentations to the iPad and they showed up wonderfully on the projector screen.

Then we switched over to Safari, to show a live web site, and suddenly the projector screen went blank.

After scouring the internet, we found there were many disappointed people out there!   Apparently, each application must be programmed to work with an external monitor, as iOS does not automatically mirror the screen for you.

That’s the inspiration for Web King Presenter.   We’ve added a few other minor bell’s and whistle’s to make demonstrations easier:

  • A simulated “laser” pointer
  • A “pause” button so you can freeze the projector display
  • A bookmark feature to simulate Safari’s bookmarks

Web King Presenter is now available on the App Store for an introductory price of $.99!

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  1. Hi Alex,

    It’s always good to hear from you. What’s the use case on this? If it’s in the movie player then I could probably add a control on the movie player to do that.

  2. Hi hope everything is ok with you…i was wondering if…..

    Is there a possibility to blank off the ipad screen when connected to the projector?
    For example extending the minimum brightness from the ipad settings to completely dark.

    Regards ……hope to hear once again from you….



  3. Hi Alex,

    It’s great to hear from you! You can delete individual bookmarks by doing a “swipe right” gesture as you would expect.

    There is no function to delete all. However one way that would probably work would be to delete the App from your device which would delete the bookmarks file. Then reinstall from the App Store. Since you’ve already purchased it you won’t be charged again.

    This will reset all of your preferences too.

  4. Hi!

    I am back to work after i had my holidays….hope all is ok with you….is there a way how to delete all i bookmarks i have already done?



  5. First off – what type of device (iPhone 4, etc…) do you have and what version iOS do you have installed?

    The apple digital av adapter is not supported by all devices. Apples website states that it’s supported on the iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch (4th generation).

    If it’s on a supported device, the YouTube app will allow you to play the show on your TV natively.

  6. I bought the apple digital av adapter, and when I plugged it in, a message appeared and told me, that the component wasn’t supported? So I downloaded web king, and still nothing. ( want to display YouTube videos on tv ) Is that possible?

  7. Hi,

    No, I’m afraid there is no commercial app that I’m aware of that allows you to do that on an iPhone. I believe there are ways to do that if you are willing to jailbreak your phone.

    On the iPhone, each App must do it’s own output to the external monitor. There isn’t a way to generically mirror all screen output to the external monitor. Maybe the new iPhone 5 will offer that capability but we’ll have to wait and see!

  8. hi
    i bought an apple digital av adapter
    it works great for hulu and videos but dosent
    work for games is there an app i can buy to play
    blackops on my Iphone 4 and watch it on a tv

  9. Hi,

    Can you tell me a little more? What a cable did you purchase, and what model iDevice to you have and what version of iOS is it running?

    Not every cable works on every device. For example, the VGA adapter cable does not work with older models of iPhones or iPod touches.

  10. Hi
    why dose it say this accsessery is not supported by apple when I put my av leed in and what should I do about it

  11. Hi,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes you can, that’s exactly what it was designed to do.

    You could test it with the free version if you like to make sure it works with your web app. But, it should work with anything that works in Safari.

  12. Hi,

    Can i connect IPhone 4 with VGA Adapter using webkingpresenter and directly display it to the big projector screen? If i have to demo some webapp from my IPhone using webkingpresenter will it work with projector and adapter?

  13. why other apps like elektra are not designing their software also to output to vga as well. i know this does not concern you but i do not wish to jailbreak my ipad1 so i be able to output to projector. is it that difficult??? you did it….lol a

  14. I really like this app and especially the vertical and horizontal offset and pause options.

    The only thing that I would like to see would be the option to import my bookmarks from mobile safari. At the moment I have to open safari then copy and paste URL into Web King.

  15. That makes sense. I think that would be a good feature to add and should not be too difficult.

    Thanks for the input!

  16. Hi, Web Apps are made of html5. So they work on your app. But I would like to present iphone web pages to the audience, so I need a presenter app with a small safari browser frame 320×480 on the big ipad screen 1024×768. the background should be black.

  17. Hi,

    My app will only work with HTML based pages that would work inside of Safari. You can’t display other native apps inside of it.

    iPad 2’s are nice in that they have this capability built-in.

    There are ways of doing this with an iPhone and iPad 1, but they require jailbreaking. the iPhone.

  18. I’ve never used a bluetooth mouse with an iPad. However, I have used the keyboard and it works very well with WebKing.

  19. Hi Web King

    I’m looking exactly for a app like web king presenter. We are developing web apps for iphone and android, and I would like to present this apps to my clients with a projector. But I need an iPad App in landscape mode with one or 2 iphone web browsers on it to present the finished apps in his original size to a projector. It would be nice to configure the 2 iphones on the screen with the web app url. perhaps you can choose between safari mobile browser mode and app mode (full screen). Is it possible to enhance your app with this wonderful requirements or you know an other app for this? Thanks for your answer.


  20. Form a little research online I understand a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can work on iphone/ipads/…. without jailbreaking. Is WebKing able to display and make use of the mouse and keyboard functions?

    ***iPhone 4 4.2.1 user not jailbroken

  21. Hi,

    No, I would use the native Netflix app to do that. It works with external displays as well.

  22. Hi Jan,

    I assume you’re talking about prezi.com. I visited that site and it looks like it makes heavy use of Flash.

    Unfortunately Apple decided to not allow Flash to work on any of it’s iDevices. My program is subject to the same limitations that Safari has.

    I’ll make sure this is pointed out though on the iTunes site so others don’t make the same assumption.

    I hope you still find the program useful.

  23. The webpage Wes.Prezi.com could not be presented unfortunatelly by webking.In fact,I have bought it due to advertisement to beam any web page from iPad by your software.So it doesnt work Aš you announced

  24. Thanks for the great app! Even though the new iPad 2 has a cable to mirror the device on the big screen, this app is still very useful because the laser pointer. When using a regular computer, I often use the mouse to point out items on the screen as I talk about them. I can still do that with Web King!

  25. I have not personally tested on a composite/component cable – but a friend of mine has one and she said that it worked on her TV.

    The only issue she had was that it was “cut-off” on one side – which is why I added the x and y margins in the preference panels.

    Do other apps that support the video out work? A good test is the YouTube app as that supports it.

    One issue I have seen is that if you have been running another app that uses an external monitor, the video mode could be messed up. One way to clear it up is to force the Web King Presenter to completely restart if it’s been running in the background.

    If you “double-click” the button on iPad, you should get a list of the running apps on the bottom. Touch and hold on the Web King Presenter until the “x” shows up on it then let up and touch it again. That should force it to close. Then launch it again and see if it works.

    Another clue to look at is if the “pause” button is available. If it’s grey’ed out, then we’re not detecting an external monitor. If it allows you to toggle it between pause and play, then we are detecting an external monitor correctly.

  26. What about composite/component? Does this app not work with those….
    I purchased the app assuming “video out” was “video out” regardless of what the opposite end was. Am I wrong?

  27. Good question – you’d have to ask Apple that. That’s why I wrote this app. I was surprised as well after I bought the VGA cable.

    Unfortunately, the iPad doesn’t work that way. Each app has to be programmed to work with an external monitor.

    Web King Presenter is basically just a replacement for Safari that works with an external monitor.

  28. When the VGA cable plug in to the Ipad, its automatically connected. But why safari can’t be display to the screen?
    Only video and photo can be display.

  29. I’m not sure I understand what is happening for you. It should be mirroring exactly whatever display is on your iPad or iPhone to the projector.

    As long as the laser pointer isn’t active, you can use the normal pinch gestures to resize and pan the display.

    Does it make a difference if you rotate the display also? I’ve found that especially on the iPad, it fills the projector display better if it’s rotated in landscape mode.

    Please provide me with more info and I’ll be glad to help out:

    1. What device (and model) are you using (iPhone 3g, iPhone 4, iPad)
    2. What version of iOS?
    3. Is there a specific web site that causes the issue?
    4. Is it displaying properly on the device and not on the projector?
    5. Have you tried connecting to a different VGA device such as a VGA monitor or different projector?

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