iPad 2 and Digital AV Adapter

Good news for all iPad 2 users.  The iPad 2 can mirror it’s screen to an external screen using either the Digital AV Adapter, or the VGA adapter.

The really good news is that it does not require the application to support it.  So all of your applications (including Safari), can be mirrored to the secondary screen.

Web King Presenter still has a few features that make it a worthwhile investment (especially for $.99), such as the laser pointer and the ability to pause the display on the external monitor.

Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPad and iPhone

I am also pleased to announce that the Apple Digital AV Adapter – which allows you to connect using an HDMI cable, works with Web King Presenter.   It also works on the iPad 1, and iPhone 4.

The higher resolution on a big screen is definitely noticeable.