Why use Web King Presenter?

I just had an email question from a user questioning why they would need this app over the native support for mirroring that’s offered on the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

That’s a fair question.

Here’s what I told him:

The app was really designed for doing presentations to an audience.  There are several features that are designed specifically for that purpose that you can’t do natively:

  • You can set the desired resolution directly.  There is no way to do that otherwise.
  • You can adjust vertical and horizontal offset.
  • You can pause the display.  Useful so the audience doesn’t see you fumbling.
  • It only mirrors the web view.  The audience doesn’t see the address bar or icons.
  • You can use a simulated laser pointer to highlite specific content.
  • On the original iPad it’s the only way to show content on an external screen as it doesn’t have the ability.

Additionally, there is a “light” version of the app available on the AppStore that is free which allows people to try out the app before purchase.

But, for only $.99 I hope it provides a true value for people.