Bug found in Free Version

An embarrassing bug has been discovered in the free version of Web King Presenter.

The even worse part is that the problem only occurs after you have decided that you like the program enough to do the in-app purchase to upgrade the program to the free version.

The bug causes the program to crash on subsequent launches if it’s been upgraded in the past.  It also doesn’t seem to happen to everyone, but once it starts occurring it will continue.

I have submitted the fix to Apple for approval.  Based upon past experience it will take 5-7 days until it’s approved and in the App store.

I have a limited number of promo codes for the full version (that doesn’t have the problem) that I can furnish to people in the meantime.

Hopefully the fix will get posted quickly!

2 thoughts on “Bug found in Free Version”

  1. Hi,

    I haven’t specifically tested with the iPad 3G but I think it should work. If the cable you have works with other apps such as the YouTube app it should work with this app.

    I would download the free version of the App to test it.

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