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  1. Hi Andre,

    Since WebKing is a browser, you should be able to use Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) to show presentations or any other type of office document.

    I just double checked and it still works. Any PowerPoint you upload to Google drive you can show on the phone by going to http://drive.google.com and it works great.


  2. Hi,
    Does your app allow me to show a presentation thru the AV link?
    How can i get the powerpoint into your app? Would be nice if you had an option to access dropbox or others…

    Thus far, i’m having fun showing youtube videos….


  3. Hi Ravi,

    Yes, that should work just fine. I just double checked to make sure YouTube didn’t change anything and it worked. The native YouTube app should also work so you don’t need my App for YouTube.

    Are regular web pages mirroring properly on your Samsung screen?

    Please email us at support@webkingpresenter.com if you’re still having issues.

    Please make sure to include what iDevice you have, what version of iOS it has, and what type of cable you are using to connect to your TV (HDMI, VGA, etc…).

  4. Sorry – there is no app that can do that. It would be nice if Apple provided a way to do something like that without jailbreaking but right now you can’t.

  5. How can I use the Laser Pointer on another app? I want to use a mapping app and demonstrate with a projector. I want the pointer to be an active cursor as well. I’m trying to demo software and I want my audience to see where the pointer is clicking not static marking on a website. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for your response. Sorry for asking to refund but this morning io was very frustrated I wanted a response. I am very glad you are going to take action I really appreciate and looking for your upgrade.

  7. … see my previous response.

    As for the refund – those are totally controlled by Apple and not the developer. Developers have no control over refunds and if I could I would happily offer a refund.

  8. Hi,

    Currently there is no way to select the resolution – it uses the default resolution of the device. That is a good idea though. There is a new version coming out in the very near future and I will add that capability in that version.

    One thing to keep in mind though – the iPad resolution is 1024 x 768, so increasing the resolution beyond that won’t be helpful.

  9. Please let me know how Can I increase VGA output resolution from basic 480 x 680 since this is very low for presentations

    Please answer asap as today I need to make a presentation in class and have high resolution diagrams

  10. Can you please tell me how can I increase the 680 x 480 VGA output, since I am really not satisfied with this basic resolution and if it can’t be changed I want a refund.


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